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Important, please read instructions completely. This page is step one of two:


Signing up for Kentucky Teleworks is a two step process.

First, fully complete the information form below. Do not fill in the “Leave a Reply” section at the very bottom of the page at this point because it will disrupt your registration. You may come back leave a comment after you are fully registered if you wish. Click the button that says “Next Page” and wait for it to open the next page.

On the next page choose a username, input an e-mail and enter your desired password. Please remember to write this password down! It will be e-mailed to you, but we are currently experiencing problems with AOL, Windstream, DUO-County and potentially other e-mails blocking our automated service, so we can’t guarantee it will arrive.

After you have successfully filled out the registration page you may immediately use the username and password you entered to log in. You can log in on the page that appears after registration is finished, on this page, or any page on the site.

If you have problems getting the password you choose to work, notify Shawn Hopkins at or call 606-436-5751 ext. 7004 to have your password reset.

Thanks and welcome to world of telework!



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  1. easy to fill out..not complicated

  2. So Easy!!!!

  3. its very easy and simple!!

  4. Took a few minutes to complete, but easy to navigate.

  5. easy application and hopefully will bring positive help to my life

  6. I would like to work from home. I fill that I would be able to controll the time I would have to work.

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