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Kentucky Teleworks brings cutting-edge telework (work-from-home) employment opportunities to the state’s workers, allowing them to participate in the global economy without relocating. Kentucky Teleworks is an innovative strategy that blends economic development, workforce development, education, and the state’s investment in digital infrastructure investments to better position our workforce to compete in the 21st Century economy.


Kentucky Teleworks diversifies the local economies of underserved areas of Kentucky by bringing in high-demand, high-growth telework jobs while recruiting and preparing Kentucky workers for those jobs, making it possible for more Kentuckians to have rewarding careers while staying in their local communities, raising their families, and contributing to the state’s quality of life.

Mission Statement

Kentucky Teleworks aims to bring high-demand, high-growth telework jobs to Kentucky, while leveraging the resources of workforce investment boards, educational institutions, and community-based organizations to ensure Kentuckians have the best possible opportunity to compete for these jobs.


The Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program, Inc. created Kentucky Teleworks following a one-year sustainability study called the “Eastern Kentucky Distance Earning Initiative.” This study contacted more than 5,000 telework friendly companies and registered more than 2,000 prospective teleworkers.



What is Telework?

The terms “telework,” “telecommuting,” “flexible workplace,” “remote work,” “virtual work,” and “mobile work” are all used today to refer to work done outside of a traditional office environment. In most cases, teleworkers work from home on a computer that is linked to their employer.

Why Telework?

There are many advantages in the telework arrangement, for both employees and employers.

For Employees — The advantages of working from home center around two elements: less expense and more time with your family. Specifically:

  • You’ll spend no time or money on a commute. The average American spends more than 100 hours a year commuting to and from work. With gasoline prices between $3 and $4 per gallon, telecommuting can save an average worker $4,000 to $5,000 a year — not to mention eliminating wear on his automobile and time wasted in traffic.
  • You’ll reduce your childcare costs.  Although you’ll still dedicate the same amount of time to work as an office worker would, you can arrange to be the person who drops off and picks up your children after school, takes them to the doctor, or even watches your toddler for half of the day.
  • You’ll keep more of your earnings. The substantial amount of money you’ll save by reducing child care costs, and by eliminating the cost of commuting and eating lunch away from home will be like giving yourself a raise. Some studies estimate the average savings from telecommuting at approximately $7 an hour.
  • You’ll have a better balance between work and your home life. Telework allows employees to spend more time with their family, and the flexibility allows more involvement in community activities and hobbies.

For Employers — The advantages of having employees work from home all go to your bottom line. Specifically:

  • Increased productivity: When employees have more time to be with their families or to do things for themselves, they’re happier people.  Because happier people are less stressed, they are more productive and less likely to make mistakes. This leads to getting more work done efficiently.
  • Reduced costs: Companies with teleworkers see savings in a variety of operational costs, including real estate, facilities, business travel, and other overhead expenses. Liability and health insurance costs go down.
  • Improve recruiting and retention: The flexible working conditions offered by telework make it easier to attract and retain a skilled workforce. Reducing turnover enhances productivity, creativity, and the quality of work.

Are Telework Jobs Legitimate Jobs?

Kentucky Teleworks works with employers and websites accredited by agencies like the Better Business Bureau and the Telework Coalition to ensure all the jobs it lists are legitimate. The jobs listed by Kentucky Teleworks include many positions with Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Dell, American Express, and others.

How Do I Work from Home?

Teleworkers do their work in very much that same way as they would in an office setting today: via a computer linked to their employer’s server. An effective home office — including proper furniture, computer equipment and accessories, in a quiet space — will allow you to be a productive and successful teleworker.

What Types of Jobs are Available for Teleworkers?

Telework jobs cover a wide variety of different skillsets and schedules, just like the traditional workplace. Available jobs range from entry-level work with limited educational and skill requirements to highly skilled professional positions requiring postsecondary degrees and special certifications. These jobs include positions that are full time, part time, seasonal, or independent contractor status. Many of the jobs offer the same benefits provided to on-site employees.

What Services are Available through Kentucky Teleworks?

Kentucky Teleworks is much more than just a website. As a part of the state’s workforce development system, Kentucky Teleworks can provide a wide variety of services to job seekers and employers. Job seekers can get help with career counseling, skills assessment, resume preparation, training opportunities (when applicable), and other career-related activities. Employers can get help with recruiting employees, screening applicants, work-readiness training, locating and arranging skills training through local educational institutions or other training providers, and other services.


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